The IPR CENTER® is a Web-based platform which provides public education, media and content links and training to the general public, the academic community and journalists through its open access pages. It offers brand holders a convenient forum to educate its customers and constituents concerning the dangers and consequences of purchasing counterfeit products.

Through the secured, encrypted proprietary sections of the Website, IP Database, which can only be accessed by vetted law enforcement and brand holders subscribers. The IPR CENTER® can provide confidential Web-based training and access to resources to law enforcement anywhere in the world 24/7 in real time. This facilitates the seizure of counterfeit goods and other enforcement activities and interactions between brand holders and law enforcement internationally across time zones.


The Intellectual Property Database, IP Database, includes intellectual property defense information for over one-hundred brands from across the globe. The information contained within the database includes; counterfeit authentication materials, points of contact, how to report counterfeits, and much more from the brands themselves. Brand partners regularly update the database with new information allowing the law enforcement community to access the latest authentication materials. Access to the IP Database is restricted to law enforcement officers and to subscribed brand partners.

Law enforcement and brand partners that would like to have access to the IP Database, please request membership by using the appropriate membership option.