Create none inclusive perimeters (i.e. BRAND STOLI and BRAND PHILIPS) and define users GROUPS with access to each perimeter.

Avoid perimeters with commonalities because it might generate exceptions difficult to understand.

Do not create Frustration, i.e “Sorry you not have the rights to access this page”, on the contrary for users or group of users redirect them only where they can have access.

Pages of interest to limited people (i.e. Law enforcement, should not be in the main menu. Create a widget/footer menu with specific rights)

Never show how to go to the LOGIN Page


PERMISSIONS IMPLEMENTATION (using plugin Press Permit Core)

  1. By default ALL users (Authenticated, Anonymous, Subscriber, Editor, & Author) cannot access Home PICA & Database
  2. Exceptions to access Home PICA & Database have been created for the groups PICA and LAWENFORCEMENT
  3. When creating a BRAND Group (i.e. BRAND PHILIPS) remember to create an exception to access their BRAND Page, which by default should be a sub page of DATABASE.
  4. Having done



Using plugin Peter’s Login Redirect Direct each BRAND Group to their specific BRAND page when they login

In DASHBOARD go to Settings and select Login/Logout redirect



PICA:  group for all active PICA employees. They have access to everything to include the whole Database and PICA intranet (blue ribbon at the top)

LAW ENFORCEMENT group: vetted law enforcement officer. They have access to the whole Database

BRAND XXX: Brand Partner, within the data base can only access information about his brand page in the database


By default, subscriber, author, editor when they login are either redirected to the home page (skipping the dashboard) or their specific BRAND page for BRAND User