JULY 2016

Ministry seizes 25,000 fake coffee sachets

MALACCA: The authorities have seized thousands of counterfeit “aphrodisiac coffee” sachets from several outlets here, acting on information from police. READ MORE>>>

Beingmate woes a worry for Fonterra – analyst

NEW ZEALAND:Fonterra should be concerned about the financial woes facing its Chinese partner, Beingmate Baby & Child, an analyst says.But the New Zealand dairy giant says it remains confident in the long-term outlook for the Hangzhou-based infant formula maker. READ MORE>>>

Beware! Dietary Supplements Can Damage Your Liver, New Study Warns

A new study has found that dietary supplements are not that safe for consumption as they are believed to be. In fact, it is estimated that more than 23,000 people end up in hospital every year after taking dietary supplements.READ MORE>>>

The Tanzania government has blocked 1.82 million counterfeit mobile phone handsets since the exercise began on 16 June, with the control against the use of fake devices in the country sustained on a daily basis, the Daily reports. Vice-President Samia Suluhu Hassan told delegates to the fourth Annual Mobile360 Africa conference that the fake phones were blocked in cooperation with the GSMA, which tracks bogus IMEI numbers and sends them to the Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA). The TCRA prohibits the devices from entering the local market. Suluhu said the government via TCRA remains firm against the use of counterfeit phones in the local market. READ MORE>>>

Contractor fired over untreated lumber

  • By Jay Knoll, July 28, 2016, KARE

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. – A local construction company has been fired from a development in Golden Valley after using lumber that was not up to fire code. READ MORE>>>

Fake wines and spirits cost the EU ‘at least’ 4,800 jobs per year

The rise of counterfeit products in spirits and wine across Europe cause annual government losses estimated at €1.2 billion as well as approximately 4,800 jobs in these sectors, a new study has found. READ MORE>>>

Fears over fake drugs in Dundee

Fake tablets designed to look like Valium are putting people’s lives at risk in Dundee, a leading charity worker said today. READ MORE>>>

UK loses €25 million in spirits and €62 million in wine sales thanks to counterfeiting

A new report has revealed that €87 million in sales across wine and spirits is lost each year in the UK due to the counterfeiting industry. READ MORE>>>

Sutton Trading Standards and Sutton Police seize counterfeit goods at car boot sale

UNITED KINGDOM: A joint operation by Sutton Council Trading Standards officers and Sutton Police has resulted in a large quantity of counterfeit goods being seized from stallholders at a car boot sale in the borough. READ MORE>>>

Fake valium epidemic: Blue pills flooding Scotland’s streets and killing hundreds of users, warn insiders

SCOTLAND: MILLIONS of potentially lethal blue pills are being peddled as Valium and drug charity workers warn they are killing hundreds of young Scots – nine people in two weeks in one area. READ MORE>>>

YLKI claims cartel behind fake-vaccine scandal

Indonesian Consumers Foundation (YLKI) chairman Tulus Abadi has called on the government to further investigate the fake-vaccine case, saying that a pharmaceutical industry cartel was behind the distribution of the counterfeit vaccines. READ MORE>>>

Pills laced with deadly opioid infiltrating drug market, DEA says

Hundreds of thousands of counterfeit prescription pills laced with a deadly synthetic opioid have infiltrated the US drug market, according to the US Drug Enforcement Administration, with the problem expected to escalate. READ MORE>>>

‘Aladdin’s cave’ of counterfeit goods busted by gardai

IRELAND: Gardai seized tens of thousands of euro worth of counterfeit clothes when they carried out a major raid against a Dublin man who is suspected of being heavily involved in the illegal trade. READ MORE>>>

FIJI: Counterfeit make-up

  • By Consumer Council of Fiji, July 23, 2016,  Fiji Times

FIJI: WE all want to look beautiful and presentable. Cosmetics can be a quick an easy way to temporarily solve beauty problems of an individual. For that, most people don’t mind spending money on cosmetics which has made the cosmetic and make-up business a multi-billion dollar industry. However, not all consumers know that fake or counterfeit make-up are being sold in the marketplace. What is damaging is the fact that consumers use it without knowing the risks it poses as these counterfeit products are loaded with toxic and harmful chemicals.. READ MORE>>>

PSEB seizes counterfeit science textbooks across state

During surprise checking at all district depots and 326 schools across the state, the Punjab School Education Board (PSEB) recovered counterfeit textbooks from nine places. All these are Class-10 science textbooks in Punjabi medium. READ MORE>>>

Counterfeit Polo Ralph Lauren Shirts Worth Almost $16,000 Seized at Dulles

A supply of counterfeit Polo Ralph Lauren shirts worth almost $16,000 was confiscated at Washington Dulles International Airport July 14, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) said in a statement. READ MORE>>>

Uganda: NDA Warns of Counterfeit Malaria Drugs on Market

  • By Emmanuel Ainebyoona, July 21, 2016,  Reprinted by allafrica.com

Kampala — The National Drug Authority has cautioned health workers against dispensing and selling counterfeit anti-malarial drugs that have flooded the market. READ MORE>>>

The $4 Million Battle Over Inflatable Pool Toys

  • By Polly Mosendz , July 20, 2016, Bloomberg

It’s doughnut versus doughnut in a $4 million fight over your pool party. Best known for baked goods-shaped pool toys, novelty manufacturer BigMouth Inc. sued two companies it claims are hawking infringing floaties on Amazon.com. The complaints name “SoloFleet” and “Floating Panda,” identifying them by their seller handles since their true identities are unknown. The five products Floating Panda currently sells are pool toys, three of which resemble those sold by BigMouth. SoloFleet has 10 products for sale, one of which is a doughnut similar to one sold by BigMouth. READ MORE>>>

CBP Stops Millions in Unsafe Counterfeits

  • By Tammy Waitt, July 20, 2016,  American Security Today

PUERTO RICO: US CBP San Juan Field Operations announced today that approximately 268 seizures where made of counterfeit products, valued at $2.4 million, which were illegally imported into Puerto Rico via international mail.  This is a record number of counterfeits seized by CBP in Puerto Rico during a single week. READ MORE>>>

Indonesian drug counterfeit ring disguised vaccines as Sanofi and GlaxoSmithKline immunizations

  • By Mackenzie Bean, July 20, 2016,  Beckers Hospital Review

Last month, Indonesian police unearthed a drug-counterfeiting ring that had been selling fake vaccines for more than a decade. Now, health facilities are beginning revaccination efforts as new information on the scandal comes to light, according to Reuters . READ MORE>>>

Birkenstock quits Amazon in US after counterfeit surge

  • By Ari Levy, July 19, 2016, CNBC
 Birkenstock is walking away from Amazon.com. Plagued by counterfeits and unauthorized selling on the online shopping site, the sandals company will no longer supply products to Amazon in the U.S. starting Jan. 1. Additionally, Birkenstock won’t authorize third-party merchants to sell on the site, according to a letter the company sent to several thousand retail partners on July 5. READ MORE>>>

What you might really be getting when you order prescriptions online

The frightening truth about Canadian pharmacies. It might seem harmless, smart even: order prescription medications through an online pharmacy based in Canada. Get the same drug you would get down the street at Walgreens — for a lot less money. READ MORE>>>

DED and Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy team up to combat counterfeiting and educate consumers

DUBAI:  The Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the multinational luxury goods conglomerate Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy (LVMH) to collaborate on improving consumer awareness on counterfeiting and protecting consumers from counterfeit goods, especially those bearing the Louis Vuitton logo. READ MORE>>>

How to Detect Counterfeit Ontario Wines

For Canadian winemakers, imitation probably isn’t the sincerest form of flattery. Imagine you’re a businessperson on a trip to China. You manage to be able to buy a bottle of Chateau Mouton Rothschild from a wine list in a restaurant to impress a prospective client. The server then takes the bottle and smashes it. READ MORE>>>

US Senate designates July as anti-counterfeiting awareness month

The US Senate has passed a resolution designating July as an anti-counterfeiting and consumer awareness month.Passed on July 15, the resolution will designate July as an official month for national education and awareness campaigns. READ MORE>>>

Fake parts fiasco

FCAI fears over reproduction replicas have hit heavy vehicle industry, supplier says. The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) recently stepped up their ‘Genuine is Best’ campaign in the hopes of lowering the number of fake replica parts being imported into Australia. . READ MORE>>>

Hospitals Urged to Tight Up Medical Waste Disposal Monitoring

  • By REZKI ALVIONITASARI, July 16, 2016, Tempo.co

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The Board of Managers for the Indonesian Pediatrician Agency, Soedjatmiko, has called on all hospitals to properly dispose and incinerate all used vaccine bottles in order to prevent the misappropriation of such medical waste. READ MORE>>>

Need action to curb spread of ‘fake’ cellphones, accessories in market

 The chances of counterfeit mobile phones, their parts and accessories causing calamitous damage to its users have become high. Who is responsible for the widespread counterfeit devices in Kuwait? In a recent review, several citizens, expatriates, owners of mobile phone shops and telecom engineers, unanimously agreed on the need to intensify inspection and surveillance of the market to prevent the spread of all types of counterfeit devices and their accessories due to the dangers they constitute to life. READ MORE>>>

CBP Seizes $1 Million Worth of Counterfeit Pro-Sports Championship Rings

These rings will make you feel like you just won the championship…well, almost. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Office of Field Operations (OFO) officers seized $300,000 worth of counterfeit National Football League (NFL) championship rings at Tampa International Airport in a shipment from China, the CBP reported Friday. READ MORE>>>

Fake dental adhesive found in Europe

Counterfeit and potentially hazardous versions of a dental adhesive have been discovered in Germany and the Netherlands, according to regulators. READ MORE>>>

UNBS cars damaged by fake fuel

The standards body has lost millions in endless repairs of its vehicles as a result of adulterated fuel it is supposed to deter from entering the Ugandan market, writes BENON HERBERT OLUKA. READ MORE>>>

More than 1,500 Minions and Frozen-related goods seized by Trading Standards officers

  • By Rob Grant, July 13, 2016, Mirror

Teams at three councils seized the items, and also found Doctor Who and Batman items popular among counterfeiters. READ MORE>>>

England’s black market hotspots exposed

  • By , July 13, 2016, BBC News

The trade in fake goods is putting hundreds of jobs at risk, experts have warned, as a BBC investigation shows the extent of the black market in England’s biggest cities. READ MORE>>>

Thousands of cigarettes seized in Worthing

More than 15,000 cigarettes, along with £1,550 in cash and a vehicle, have been seized in Worthing as part of an investigation into illicit tobacco. According to a statement from West Sussex County Council, Sussex Police broke into a vehicle on Friday following public reports of suspicious activity nearby, and seized the vehicle with the cigarettes and 550 tobacco pouches found inside. READ MORE>>>

Almost 40 Indonesian medical facilities procured fake vaccines

Ongoing investigations into the scale of the fake vaccine racket in Indonesia have uncovered counterfeits in 37 medical facilities across nine provinces. READ MORE>>>

Malaysia-bound fake brand name jeans seized

Economic crime police have arrested two men in Nonthaburi province with about 3,000 pairs of fake brand name jeans made for a regular Malaysian buyer. Pol Col Sitthichai Leelasawat, deputy commander. READ MORE>>>

Fake products worth over Dh23 million seized during Ramadan

DUBAI: The Department of Economic Development Dubai seized over 635,000 fake products worth more than Dh23 million during the holy month of Ramadan. Officials of the Intellectual Property Rights Department of the Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection Sector at the department conducted raids on 25 flats and 12 stores, and warehouses in the emirate, said Ibrahim Behzad, Director if Intellectual Property Rights -DED. READ MORE>>>

Alibaba’s Ma: ‘If you want to sue us, sue us’

Recently, Ma managed to muddle his stance on counterfeit sales through Alibaba’s Chinese marketplaces with remarks last month at Alibaba’s first investor day conference suggesting that many fakes are of higher quality than the name-brand originals. And that’s further complicated by the fact that Alibaba and its marketplaces continue to sell a high volume of counterfeit goods despite his repeated vows to crack down. READ MORE>>>

Why we need the NHS immediately

  • By Charalambos Pattihis, July 10, 2016, CyprusMail

CYPRUS:Both the competitiveness and growth of a country and the welfare of its citizens depends on guaranteeing their health and safety. Although public expenditure on health increased during the years 2007-2011, there were no improvements in the quality of healthcare provided. During the economic crisis and especially between 2012 and 2014, public healthcare spending declined, and combined with declining private incomes resulted in more people utilising public hospitals, further exasperating the situation. READ MORE>>>

Fake medical practitioners perform cosmetic surgeries in Sydney flats and hotel rooms

AUSTRALIA: The skin around Helena Chen’s eyes is scarred, swollen and bruised. Her left eye is now larger than the right and she will have to wait months before she knows if she has been permanently damaged after she had double eyelid surgery in March. Chen is a victim of a growing wave of backyard beauticians with no Australian medical qualifications who are performing cosmetics procedures on clients lying on beds and couches in Sydney flats, leaving real doctors to clean up their botched jobs.. READ MORE>>>

Bye-bye, looky, looky

MARBELLA, SPAIN: LOCAL POLICE in Marbella are cracking on with the promised blitz on the hawking of counterfeit clothing, handbags, and other products on the city’s streets, as the first phase of the offensive draws to a close. READ MORE>>>

Warning issued to be on the lookout for counterfeit alcohol

A WARNING has been issued for people to be on the look-out for fake alcohol during a national safety awareness week. Staffordshire County Council’s trading standards team has been busy with a campaign to stamp out the sales of counterfeit alcohol. READ MORE>>>

Genuine GM Holden Hood Passes, Fake Fails Oz Test

Impact tests comparing a genuine GM Holden aluminum hood with counterfeit imports show the fakes are no replacement for the real thing. READ MORE>>>

You get what you pay for: Don’t fall for Internet dress scams

There are scam websites that post photos of clothing they’ve swiped from real designers’ websites, attempting to sell you what’s in the picture, but what you get, isn’t what was advertised.While getting a bad dress online might sound like a $20 mistake, it’s shaking up a billion dollar industry by ripping off designers. READ MORE>>>

Are grey goods the real deal?

A Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge mobile phone for £530 instead of £619, or an iPad Pro for £650 when it’s almost £800 elsewhere – these are some of the tempting offers you can find online if you visit websites selling products without the manufacturers’ authorisation. READ MORE>>>

Apple struggling in Chinese smartphone battle

  • By Craig Fitzpatrick , July 8, 2016, NewsTalk
It’s had to deal with fake Apple stores, counterfeit products, economic softness and low-cost rivals in its race to ensure it is China’s king of the smartphones, but now Apple is slipping down the pecking order. READ MORE>>>

Amazon’s Chinese counterfeit problem is getting worse

  • By Ari Levy, July 8, 2016, CNBC
 Four things you should know about Amazon before shopping the prime saleAmazon.com is hard at work promoting next week’s Prime Day and the more than 100,000 deals available to subscribers. As with all things Amazon, it’s intended to be a major party for consumers. READ MORE>>>

Kyocera cracks down on counterfeit kit after amount of dodgy products soars

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Special agents with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) seized $6.5 million in counterfeit merchandise Wednesday in Old San Juan with assistance from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service. READ MORE>>>

ICE, partners seize $6.5 million in counterfeit goods in Puerto Rico

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Special agents with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) seized $6.5 million in counterfeit merchandise Wednesday in Old San Juan with assistance from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service. READ MORE>>>

TBI warns of counterfeit prescription drugs

Agents with the Drug Investigation Division of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation are warning the public about a recent spike of counterfeit prescription drugs in Tennessee. READ MORE>>>

UN warns of big rise in online drugs trade

  • By Emily Reynolds, July 7, 2016, Wired

The UN has for the first time included the dark web in its annual world drug report. The report, which addresses global drug consumption, examines the use of the dark web and “new technologies” for drug distribution. READ MORE>>>

Kremlin Eyes State Alcohol Monopoly with $88M Deal

Russia’s state-owned alcohol producer Rosspirtprom has acquired eight new distilleries in a deal worth 5.7 billion rubles ($88 million), the Vedomosti newspaper reported Wednesday. The purchase included some of the largest production facilities in Russia, all of which previously belonged to businessman Valery Yakovlev. The deal boosts Rosspirtprom domestic market share to 61 percent, Vedomosti reported. READ MORE>>>

EU to end anti-smuggling deal with Philip Morris

After months of wavering, the European Commission has decided not to renew its controversial agreement with Philip Morris International on tobacco smuggling and counterfeit products.  READ MORE>>>

 The European Pallet Association (EPAL) claims to have recorded a recent rise in the incidence of counterfeit EPAL Euro pallets in the Netherlands and Belgium. In action undertaken at the end of May in cooperation with the independent inspection company Bureau Veritas in Belgium, several truckloads of counterfeit Euro pallets were discovered and seized. READ MORE>>>

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) ” Federal authorities in Puerto Rico say they have seized $1.2 million worth of counterfeit and pirated merchandise from more than a dozen retailers. READ MORE>>>

UEFA issues EURO 2016 counterfeit ticket warning

  • July 5, 2016, UEFA

IRELAND: UEFA would like to warn all fans that UEFA EURO 2016 tickets purchased through unauthorised sources, often at highly inflated prices, may be counterfeit or invalid. READ MORE>>>

Pubs urged to avoid selling toxic fake alcohol

IRELAND: In recent years, Northern Ireland has developed a reputation as the counterfeit capital of the UK and worryingly, fake alcohol forms part of this scene. After the recent prosecution of a local business found selling illegal alcohol, this is becoming a growing concern for the Food Standards Agency in Northern Ireland. READ MORE>>>

Rise of non-genuine part imports compromising transport safety

Air Springs Supply is supporting new warnings from the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries about the escalation of non-genuine parts coming into the country, including safety-critical components such as brake pads and airbags.READ MORE>>>

The National Committee on Intellectual Property Rights (NCIPR) confiscated about P2.8 billion worth of counterfeit and pirated products in the first five months of the year. The figure represented a more than 260-percent increase from the P774 million recorded in the same period last year as government agents doubled efforts to curb piracy. READ MORE>>>

Recent Tests show a 40% performance gap between Genuine Garrett Aftermarket Turbocharger range and Counterfeit or Copy Turbochargers.

Honeywell Garrett have just released lab results that show more than a 40% performance gap between their genuine aftermarket turbocharger range and counterfeit or copy turbochargers. READ MORE>>>

Prada and Miu Miu recover 26 domains in WIPO dispute

Italian fashion company Prada and its subsidiary Miu Miu have successfully recovered 26 domain names that were confusingly similar to its trademarks.READ MORE>>>

Chinese Students Selling Australian Products in China Enjoy High Revenues

Selling Australian products to people in China has become a lucrative business for Chinese students who are studying in the Land Down Under. An example is Carol Lin, 25, who arrived in Sydney in July last year as a Chinese international student and is now studying English at an ELS language centre. READ MORE>>>

Divine justice as BMW counterfeiters jailed

A church warden and his wife have been sent to prison after admitting to selling fake BMW merchandise worth millions of pounds. Stephen Anderson, 49, and his wife Elizabeth Anderson, from Northern Ireland, made more than £1 million ($1.3 million) after selling the fake parts on online auction site eBay. READ MORE>>>

Alibaba launches online platform to fight counterfeit brands

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group has made a public commitment to remove fake goods from its marketplace and has urged brands to collaborate with anti-piracy efforts. READ MORE>>>

Tanzania: Local Goods Should Replace Counterfeits

The nation has initiated an ambitious “Be Proud, Buy Tanzanian Products” campaign in a quest to promote and market widely all locally made goods. The upshot is to cut back on prevailing trade gaps that are, inevitably, sealed by imported products. READ MORE>>>

Tanzania: Mobile Phone Users Query Disposal of Fake Handsets

Mobile phone users, whose handsets were recently switched off by the Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA) on the ground that they were fakes, have asked the government to intervene over their disposal. READ MORE>>>

Alibaba Unveils New System For Combating Counterfeit Goods

Online marketplace Alibaba is adding a few new tricks for keeping counterfeit goods off its website, a move that could improve relations between it and various high-end retailers who want knock-off products to go away. READ MORE>>>

WHO calls for efforts to improve African healthcare

The World Health Organization (WHO) has called for collective efforts to improve public healthcare and achieve strong universal healthcare coverage in Africa in the long-term. READ MORE>>>

Man says he’s wrongly pursued for selling NYPD patches on eBay

A former cop-show extra who sells NYPD and FDNY patches online says the city is wrongly playing legal hardball with his eBay business.READ MORE>>>

Russia’s food embargo fires up counterfeit dairy industry

Moscow (AFP) – The cottage cheese crackles like popcorn, emits a greyish smoke and finally goes up in flames, burning for an impressive ten minutes, like a well-oiled torch. READ MORE>>>

Wokingham car accessory dealer jailed after trading standards bust

Jianhui Dong and Siyan Liang from Wokingham both pleaded guilty to offences relating to the selling of counterfeit car accessories. A man from Wokingham has been given two years in prison for selling £100,000 worth of counterfeit car products.Jianhui Dong, 31, formerly of Bellamy House, Ashville Way in Wokingham was handed his sentence on Friday, June 17 after earlier pleading guilty to a breach of the Trade Marks Act. READ MORE>>>

Contraband and counterfeit worsening in Cameroon, employers’ association is concerned

(Business in Cameroon) – The Cameroonian inter-managerial group (Gicam), the most important employers’ association in the country, has just released the updated statistics on the damages of contraband and counterfeiting on the Cameroonian market, on which it expressed concerns. READ MORE>>>

Alibaba launches latest war on fakes

Alibaba, the ecommerce group, has declared an offensive on the sale of fake goods in an attempt to counter its reputation as a haven for knock-offs. The group unveiled an online system to track and remove fakes and pledged greater co-operation with global brands during a conference on intellectual property. READ MORE>>>

Sanford police warn of dangerous ‘fake pills’ circulating around New England

SANFORD, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — According to Sanford police, a person in Boston overdosed on a pill that he/she believed to be a Percocet. Police say the person acquired two of these pills, both marked A/215, and consumed half of one pill. According to the police department, the second pill tested positive for Fentanyl. READ MORE>>>

Rubie’s ramps up fight against counterfeiters with new European strategy

  •  By Billy Langsworthy, July 1, 2016, ToyNews

Rubie’s Masquerade has outline a new European strategy to tackle counterfeiters. The strategy aims to police and monitor the sale of all items bearing the trademarks, brand names or designs which the company is responsible for directly, or under license. It will target retailers, distributors, wholesalers and manufacturers. READ MORE>>>

Cracking Down on Counterfeit Parts

  • By John Sprovieri, July 1, 2016, ASSEMBLY
CHINA: In May, a police raid discovered a massive cache of counterfeit Toyota car parts in Guangzhou City in southeast China. Acting on information provided by Toyota Australia—the parts were destined for sale Down Under—police seized some 33,000 fake parts, including filters, cables, air bags, master cylinders and brake pads. The parts had an estimated retail value of more than $1 million. READ MORE>>>