NORTHBROOK, Ill., Aug. 31, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — The following is a notification from UL that the LED Bulb identified below bears counterfeit UL Certification Marks for the US and Canada. The LED Bulb has not been evaluated by UL to the appropriate Standards for Safety and it is unknown if this LED Bulb complies with any safety requirements. READ MORE>>>

Customs agents seize $4.3 million in counterfeit shoes at local ports

Customs agents at the Los Angeles/Long Beach seaport complex seized thousands of counterfeit Ferragamo designer shoes that – if genuine – would have had an estimated retail value of nearly $4.3 million, authorities said today. READ MORE>>>

The most counterfeited brand names in 2016

The holiday season will be  here before you know it, which means many of us are already starting to think about what we’ll want to buy. But before you make your list, we have a warning about the most counterfeited products you may encounter. READ MORE>>>

Amazon introduces fees, red tape to deter fake sellers

Amazon has raised the bar for sellers of top brands by asking for an upfront fee designed to discourage counterfeiters. READ MORE>>>

Better engagement with reality of substandard cable

Contractors and distributors need to be more vigilant and proactive as substandard cable is seen as an accepted hazard within the cable supply chain, according to the Approved Cables Initiative (ACI). READ MORE>>>

The Motorcycle Development Program Participants Association (MDPPA), the premier group of motorcycle manufacturers in the country, recorded a new sales benchmark after capping its first six-month performance with a 42 percent year-on-year sales growth. MDPPA members recorded combined sales of 544,699 motorcycle units in the first half of 2016, which exceeded previous projections. READ MORE>>>

Is Your Olive Oil Fake?

Due to the popularity of the Mediterranean diet, olive oil sales have boomed over the last decade. But just when you thought you were making the healthy choice by pouring extra virgin Italian olive oil on your salad, we discover your oil may be counterfeit. READ MORE>>>

Crackdown on counterfeit items

MORE than 1,000 counterfeit items being illegally sold on the beaches and pavements in Torrevieja have been seized. The Group Reinforcement Operative (GRO) of the Local Police of Torrevieja, in their fight against the illegal sale of counterfeit goods, announced they have seized a total of 1,132 objects during the first half of August. This also resulted in the arrest of one of the main ringleaders of the sellers and thanks to an increased police presence, have not ruled out more arrests. READ MORE>>>

Tata Motors steps up its campaign against counterfeit spares; conducts raids

MUMBAI: Indian passenger vehicle manufacturer Tata Motors has conducted raids in as many as 19 locations across the country, over the last six months. This is in continuation with its campaign against counterfeit initiated by Tata Motors in 2012-13. READ MORE>>>

Elephant tranquilizer leads to more than 100 overdoses in three states

Carfentanil — a drug created to knock out elephants — is believed to be the drug behind more than 100 overdoses in three states in the past two weeks. READ MORE>>>

Tata Motors steps up its campaign against counterfeit spares

Warning as fake designer clothes seized at Stansted

Indian vehicle manufacturers are stepping up their campaign against the menace of spurious auto parts. Tata Motors has announced that it has conducted raids in as many as 19 locations across the country, over the past six months. This is in continuation with its campaign against counterfeits initiated in 2012-13. READ MORE>>>

Sollatek Collaborates With Police To Fight Counterfeited Products

Warning as fake designer clothes seized at Stansted

Fake designer goods have been seized as they were being smuggled into an airport, prompting warnings to consumers to be on their guard for counterfeit clothing. Border Force officers at Stansted Airport swooped on a haul of fake clothing, footwear and bags with an estimated value of £550,000. READ MORE>>>

The Nigerian Government has advocated for a strong Plan of Action in addressing the challenges of counterfeit drugs in the African region. The Minister of Health, Prof. Isaac Adewole, speaking on behalf of Nigeria at the 66th Session of the World Health Organisation Regional Committee Meeting in Addis Ababa noted that malaria was the commonest cause of presentation at health facilities and the major cause of under-five mortality in the country. READ MORE>>>

Sollatek Collaborates With Police To Fight Counterfeited Products

Sollatek is working hard to eliminate product counterfeiting as it improves on service availability to Ghanaian consumers. READ MORE>>>

CBP officers seize counterfeit goods at Rainer rail facility

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Office of Field Operations officers in July seized 740 automobile navigation systems valued at $1.3 million after finding the merchandise violated multiple laws and regulations. READ MORE>>>

Target Cuts Ties With India Textile Company Welspun Over Fake Egyptian Sheets

Target announced on Aug. 19 that it has ended its relationship with Indian textiles company Welspun, after an investigation revealed that the company was supplying fake Egyptian cotton 500-thread count bed sheets for its consumers. READ MORE>>>

Property Rights After The Rio Olympics

The world watched the Closing Ceremonies Sunday as the 2016 Olympic Games came to a close. The Rio Games showed us more than just feats of athleticism, they came with lessons of property rights in Brazil and around the world.  Here are four different elements of property rights to remember from the Games: READ MORE>>>

Louboutin wins Russian counterfeit cosmetics case

Christian Louboutin has won a lawsuit against four Russian companies for selling imitation Louboutin fragrances, granting the French company injunctive relief to prevent the rivals selling the products in question. READ MORE>>>

The government is preparing to increase protection for the intellectual property rights abroad regarding fruits and vegetables developed in Japan, after it was found that seeds and seedlings have been exported illegally and produced without authorization. READ MORE>>>

MHC Tech Law: Landlords to counterfeit traders hit by e-commerce IP rules

Mason Hayes & Curran explains how e-commerce rules for IP infringement now impact bricks-and-mortar stores – in particular, the landlords. READ MORE>>>

Nigeria to WHO, others: Fight against malaria must address counterfeit drugs

  • By Popoola Babalola, August 21, 2016, The Eagle

The Minister of Health, Prof. Isaac Adewole, speaking on behalf of Nigeria at the ongoing 66th Session of the WHO Regional Committee Meeting in Addis Ababa, noted that malaria is the commonest cause of presentation at health facilities and the major cause of under-five mortality in the country. READ MORE>>>

Counterfeit pills found at Prince’s home contain powerful opioid fentanyl

Several pills taken from Prince’s estate in Paisley Park after his death were counterfeit drugs that actually contained fentanyl, a synthetic opioid 50 times more powerful than heroin, an official close to the investigation said on Sunday. READ MORE>>>

Nigeria to WHO, others: Fight against malaria must address counterfeit drugs

Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Health has warned that fake quinine products for malaria may be in the domestic supply chain. READ MORE>>>

Federal Government has confirmed two cases of counterfeit quinine sulphate in circulation. It has also stepped up vigilance over drug supply chain nationwide, and opened three hotlines where the public can report.READ MORE>>>

How retailer Chemist Warehouse sold Australian products worth $1.9million to Chinese buyers in just 46 MINUTES

Australian retailer Chemist Warehouse only needed 46 minutes to offload more than $1.9 million worth of products to Chinese buyers using the shopping website Alibaba. READ MORE>>>

UAE demand for fake goods still fuelling supply, despite warnings

DUBAI // The demand for fake goods is not shrinking despite warnings over their safety and links to organised crime and terrorism. Every year, authorities in the UAE hold campaigns highlighting the dangers of buying counterfeit luxury clothing and accessories, phones, cosmetics and vehicle parts, among other items. READ MORE>>>

East China’s Anhui province stepped up efforts to fight infringement of intellectual property (IP) and crack down on counterfeit products in the first half of 2016 (H1), local authorities said at a press briefing Thursday. READ MORE>>>

Bringing Home the Bees

Due to the prevalence of food adulteration and counterfeiting, we’re very keen to keep our own bees for honey. According to at least one study, 76 percent of honey sold in American supermarkets was found to contain no pollen, making it impossible to authenticate and likely that much of this honey is actually heavily adulterated or simply a counterfeit sugar syrup flavoured to taste like honey. Honey retailers have said the pollen filtration is done to ‘ensure shelf stability’ but this rings hollow; 5,000-year-old jars of honey found in the Egyptian Pyramids were found to have not yet spoiled. READ MORE>>>

 Hong Kong (HKSAR) – Hong Kong Customs conducted a strike-and-search operation and successfully smashed a counterfeiting syndicate active at Tung Choi Street in Mong Kok yesterday (August 17).  Customs officers seized about 2 600 items of suspected counterfeit goods with a total value of about $2.5 million. READ MORE>>>

Convicted Counterfeiter Ordered to Stay Away From Fashion District for Three Years

DTLA—In August 2015, Mody Diop was convicted of selling counterfeit goods. Apparently he was un-swayed by the legal judgment: The following month, he sold fake Louis Vuitton handbags out of his Fashion District store for $70 each. The buyer turned out to be an undercover LAPD officer.. READ MORE>>>

Louboutin Handed Victory in Russian Counterfeit Cosmetics Case

The Ninth Commercial Court of Appeals in Moscow recently upheld the ruling of a lower court in connection with a lawsuit filed on behalf of Christian Louboutin. The Paris-based footwear and cosmetics brand filed suit in Russia’s Moscow Commercial Court in August 2015 against four Russian companies – InterPrestige Group, InterLuxParfum, Image Parfum and Klementina – alleging that they were selling counterfeit Louboutin fragrances. Louboutin sought injunctive relief to prevent the companies from continuing to sell the infringing goods and upwards of 11 million rubles ($170,000) in damages as a result of the copying of its beauty range. READ MORE>>>

LOS ANGELES — Manufacturers have filed a class-action lawsuit against importer Tri Locus International LLC, claiming the company was selling counterfeit food processors. READ MORE>>>

Luxury Brands’ Legal Battle with Counterfeiters, Sellers Like Alibaba Getting More Aggressive

  • By Manny Salvacion, August 17, 2016, YIBADA

Luxury brands are stepping up efforts to combat counterfeiters in court including Alibaba and other Western sellers, an article published on said. READ MORE>>>

Fakes of the Bitter Lace Prism Rainbow Highlighter Are Circulating Online

Earlier this year, all of our glow goals became a reality with the discovery of the viral, rainbow highlighter that broke the internet. The frenzy began when one persistent Redditor became determined to hunt down an illuminating powder that could be swiped on as an actual rainbow or blended to impart an otherworldly glow. Once the product was identified as the Bitter Lace Beauty Prism Highlighter, it sold out in a few days as everyone tried to get their hands on a pan of technicolor goodness. The tiny luminizers even started popping up on eBay for more than $1,000 (gulp). READ MORE>>>

The Fair Competition Commission (FCC) has impounded counterfeit goods worth 13.8m/- during the impromptu inspections at Kariakoo on Friday. READ MORE>>>

Alexander Wang’s Bittersweet Legal Award

  • By Scarlett Conlon, August 15, 2016, Vogue UK

ALEXANDER WANG has been awarded $90 million in damages after successfully suing over 45 defendants operating 459 websites that sold counterfeit goods bearing its name. The brand, however, is unlikely to receive the actual amount, as the owners of the domains selling the illegal goods are impossible to trace. READ MORE>>>

One in ten cigarettes contraband, say Southampton researchers at BAT

IT IS a global crime epidemic which is costing governments billions in lost tax revenue. The black market in counterfeit cigarettes grew by 300 per cent last year. READ MORE>>>

US Customs & Border Protection Are Chopping Cigars In Half

Cigars are being destroyed at the Port of Miami and it appears that US Customs and Border Protection are behind it. Earlier this week a shipment from Davidoff reached a retailer in New Hampshire. The normal packing tape was replaced with green tape denoting US Customs and Border Protection. This tell tale sign showed evidence that the box of cigars was searched. Upon opening the box many of the cigar boxes inside were open and cigars broken in half. READ MORE>>>

Rio Olympics: Dream Team in suspicious loss of accreditation card twice

In this regard, a three-man panel has been despatched by the Federal Government to Salvador, Brazil to investigate allegations of abuse of Personal Identification Cards, known as PVCs or accreditation cards, in Nigeria’s Dream Team VI. READ MORE>>>

Aussie resellers slapped with fines for unauthorised Microsoft software use

  • By Hafizah Osman, August 12, 2016, Mis Asia

Microsoft Australia has reached out of court settlements with resellers Software Oz, Bytestech Computers and PC-TEK for selling unauthorised products and infringing copyright. READ MORE>>>

Police to enforce trademark laws to fight counterfeiting

Crime officers say they are poised to enforce the country’s trademark laws and crack down on activities of counterfeiters.Counterfeiting does not only deprive the country of revenue of taxes but affects indigenous businesses by posing unfair competition to local products.READ MORE>>>

Counterfeit vodka finding leads to suspended sentence

A man has been given a suspended sentence at Runcorn Magistrate’s Court after unsafe counterfeit vodka was found in his taxi. READ MORE>>>

Official advice in the USA on outbound medical tourism is rare, but the CDC has updated advice. CDC suggests that many outbound medical tourists are immigrants to the United States returning to their home country for care and highlights risks of medical tourism. READ MORE>>>

Domestic Trade Ministry seize RM47,000 worth of fake Adidas goods

JOHOR BARU, MALAYSIA:The Johor Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry seized more than RM47,000 worth of fake Adidas goods at Taman Bukit Dahlia yesterday. READ MORE>>>

More than 800 bogus items seized from Portland Market stall by trading standards officers

UNITED KINGDOM: MORE than 800 fake items were seized from a stall at Portland Market. Officers from the Dorset County Council trading standards team were tipped off by a visitor to the market and subsequently identified hundreds of imitation items for sale by a stallholder from Bournemouth.READ MORE>>>

It’s not often that one of China’s most powerful businessmen finds himself publicly warned by a government official. But that’s exactly what happened when China’s head of industry took Alibaba Group Holding Chairman Jack Ma to task for not cracking down on pirating on the country’s biggest e-commerce platform. READ MORE>>>

NFRN calls for ‘concerted effort’ to tackle illicit tobacco market NFRN calls for ‘concerted effort’ to tackle illicit tobacco market

The National Federation of Retail Newsagents (NFRN) has called for more action to tackle the illicit tobacco market following a study by the Tobacco Manufacturers’ Association (TMA) which found that 71% of smokers admitted to buying smuggled products. READ MORE>>>

Trader sold fake England World Cup shirts and Ray-Ban sunglasses

UNITED KINGDOM: A man from the Black Country who sold counterfeit goods including England World Cup 2014 replica shirts has been given a suspended prison sentence. READ MORE>>>

Ras Al Khaimah police bust gang, seize Dh35 million in fake goods

  • By Mariam M. Al Serkal, August 9, 2016, Gulf News

Ras Al Khaimah: Police have arrested an Asian gang who had Dh35 million worth of counterfeit goods in their possession. READ MORE>>>

  • By Staff Reporter, August 9, 2016, Sandwell

UNITED KINGDOM: More than 1.4 million counterfeit and illicit cigarettes have been seized by specialist tobacco sniffer dogs in a campaign across 14 local trading standards areas across Central England. READ MORE>>>

BLADE Show Presented Award from the American Knife & Tool Institute

  • By Justin Stakes, August 8, 2016, Ammoland

Cody, WY -( The American Knife & Tool Institute (AKTI) presented its inaugural Integrity Award to the BLADE Show and F+W for contributions to work against counterfeit knives. The presentation took place at the recent BLADE Show awards reception in Atlanta. READ MORE>>>

CHINA: Law enforcement officials in Xicheng district raided some stores in a wholesale market near Beijing Zoo, seizing more than 5,000 pieces of underwear and sleepwear of counterfeit American brand Victoria’s Secret on August 4, the Beijing Daily reported. READ MORE>>>

People are selling fake Jeffree Star lipsticks: And it’s actually pretty dangerous

We all love a good bargain, especially when its beauty related. But when you find a product that has an amaazzinngg discount, nine times out of ten it’s usually too good to be true. Damn. READ MORE>>>

Discount mall raided in alleged counterfeit goods ring


A crackdown on counterfeits at merchandise-happy Rio Games

RIO DE JANEIRO—Want an Olympic license plate, or a hand-embroidered Olympic handkerchief? How about Olympic cocaine? These and other products are among those being seized by Brazilian police in a crackdown on less-than-approved use of the five rings, mascots and other Olympic symbols ahead of the Games, which start in Rio de Janeiro on Friday. READ MORE>>>

227,617 fake products seized in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi’s Department of Economic Development (ADDED) seized 227,617 counterfeit products in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and the Western Region during the first half of 2016. The department conducted 494 inspections and seized counterfeit products that included auto spare parts, electronics, clothes, accessories and cosmetic products, in addition to 3,792 tonnes of fruits and vegetables, 448 sheep from vendors, seven kilos of niswar and three tonnes of clothes and household items. READ MORE>>>

The big issue: Never-ending pirate chase

The director-general of the Intellectual Property Department has been hounding pirates longer than the Spaniards tracked Henry Morgan, although not as successfully. Now Nuntawan Sakuntanaga is calling in the army to raid pirate stalls, kiosks and sidewalk stands, because just a few more seizures and the DVD, Gucci-scarf and Coach purse sellers will be wiped out. READ MORE>>>

What’s in your food? Tech will tell!

People are getting more interested in what they’re eating, but reading a food label will tell you only so much. Some foods — fresh fruits and vegetables, for example — don’t have ingredient labels. READ MORE>>>

CID takes action against counterfeit goods

GHANA: The Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service is taking action against the influx of counterfeit goods onto the Ghanaian market. READ MORE>>>

Why a Judge Just Dismissed Claims in This Alibaba Counterfeit Lawsuit

  • By Reuters, August 5, 2016, Reuters

Alibaba says it was pleased with the court’s decision. A U.S. judge on Thursday dismissed part of a lawsuit filed last year by Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and other luxury brands accusing Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba Group BABA -0.19% of promoting the sale of counterfeit goods. READ MORE>>>

Phony! Fake pharmacist arraigned in court for selling counterfeit drugs

  • By Ayodele Johnson, August 5, 2016,

NIGERIA: Monday Enuma, a fake pharmacist in Kaduna State, has been arraigned before a Federal High Court, Abuja, for selling counterfeit drugs. READ MORE>>>

More than £200,000 of counterfeit products seized across Denbighshire are to be donated to charity

UNITED KINGDOM: MORE than £200,000 worth of counterfeit products seized in raids across Denbighshire are being donated to charity by Denbighshire Trading Standards. READ MORE>>>

Levi Strauss targets ‘sophisticated’ Chinese counterfeiters

Jeans brand Levi Strauss has sued a group of Chinese counterfeiters that it says are carrying out a sophisticated counterfeiting operation that makes them virtually impossible to detect”. READ MORE>>>

Cache of ‘counterfeit’ sex products seized from Tel Aviv erotica store

A variety of sex products suspected of being counterfeit by the Health Ministry has been seized at the Erostore in Rehov Solomon 3 in Tel Aviv. Working with the police, the ministry’s enforcement and supervision branch seized the “prescription” drugs and “supplements” including a large number of pills that are “liable to endanger health. READ MORE>>>

No arrests made a year on from fake vodka factory discovery in Widnes

UNITED KINGDOM: Joint operation uncovered 130,000 of potentially toxic counterfeit booze at an industrial unit. NO ARRESTS have yet been made in connection with a fake vodka factory which was discovered a year ago in Widnes. READ MORE>>>

  • By Staff Reporter, August 4, 2016, Gulf News

Dubai: A total of 95 seizures of fake products worth Dh38.4 million were carried out by Dubai Customs inspectors during the first half of 2016. READ MORE>>>

DOD Issues Final Rule to Avoid Counterfeit Electronics

The Defense Department amended its acquisition rulebook to clarify contractors’ roles in keeping counterfeit electronics out of critical defense systems. READ MORE>>>

Accurate testing for counterfeit coffee coming – Young Jamaican scientists offer exciting prospects

Diageo CEO: ‘Too early to assess terror impact’

A crackdown on counterfeits at merchandise-happy Rio Games

  • By Paolo Prada, August 2, 2016, Reuters

Want an Olympic license plate, or a hand-embroidered Olympic handkerchief? How about Olympic cocaine? These and other products are among those being seized by Brazilian police in a crackdown on less-than-approved use of the five rings, mascots and other Olympic symbols ahead of the Games, which start in Rio de Janeiro on Friday. READ MORE>>>

An article published online in the Annals of Emergency Medicine shows just how easy it is for someone to be fooled – and nearly killed – by counterfeit pain medication. It tells the story of an unnamed 41-year old California woman who treats her chronic back pain with regular doses of Norco, a prescription medication that combines acetaminophen and hydrocodone. READ MORE>>>

AUSTRALIA: The Australian Border Force (ABF) seized more than 190,000 individual items of counterfeit and pirated goods worth about A$16.9 million during the 2015-16 financial year. READ MORE>>>

Dar al-Ifta al-Misriyyah Refutes ISIS Fatwa to Counterfeit Brands

Cairo-Dar al-Ifta al-Misriyyah confirmed that ISIS’s fatwa regarding permitting counterfeiting international brands and selling them in markets is prohibited by Shariah. READ MORE>>>

Local trader prosecuted for selling counterfeit car parts following investigation

  • By Bath Echo News Team, August 1, 2016, Bath Echo

A trader from Farmborough near Bath has been sentenced for 13 offences under the Trade Marks Act 1994 following an investigation by B&NES Council’s Trading Standards team. James Gunter, 33, of Timsbury Road, Farmborough, pleaded guilty at Bristol Crown Court to 13 offences under the Trade Mark Act 1994 at an earlier hearing (8th January 2016) and asked for 21 other offences to be taken into account. READ MORE>>>

Channel calls for more vendor action in counterfeit printer fight

Context has found that the channel wants printer vendors to do more to try and combat the flow of counterfeit products. READ MORE>>>