JULY 2017

Beijing: In China, legions of delivery personnel power the world’s largest e-commerce boom. Known for their careening three-wheeled carts, they terrorise pedestrians and sometimes dump their packages on doorsteps and desks with the delicacy of a restaurant employee tossing out yesterday’s leftovers. READ MORE>>>

AKIPRESS.COM – Tajik police detained the citizen of Kyrgyzstan on suspicion of importing and selling a large amount of counterfeit dollars, according to the official website of the Ministry of Interior of Tajikistan. . READ MORE>>>

As falsifications become more sophisticated, the risk of fake medicines reaching patients in Europe increases every year, writes Leonie Clarke. READ MORE>>>

Customs are intercepting and seizing large amounts of a revolutionary anti- HIV drug which is being ordered by people online. READ MORE>>>
BEIJING — In China, legions of delivery personnel power the world’s largest e-commerce boom. Known for their careening three-wheeled carts, they terrorize pedestrians and sometimes dump their packages on doorsteps and desks with the delicacy of a restaurant employee tossing out yesterday’s leftovers. READ MORE>>>
PHUKET: A raid at one of Phuket’s most popular tourist markets over the weekend saw counterfeit goods with an estimated value of B500,000 seized.READ MORE>>>
Drugs will be the subject for total labeling in the Russian pharmaceutical market according to a recent draft law, which was submitted for the consideration of the national Parliament (State Duma) by the Russian national government, reports The Pharma Letter’s local correspondent. READ MORE>>>
300,000 pounds of rat meat disguised as chicken wings being sold in the United States is fake news. Chicken wings are a part of America’s pastime when it comes to football. However, there is no truth to a report that a large quantity of rat meat was sold as chicken wings in the United States. READ MORE>>>

Over two thousand fashion products and counterfeit accessories of different brands have been seized from traders by the Guardia Civil at the Mercadillo del Campico de Guardamar, pending economic valuation. READ MORE>>>

Recession and high taxes have driven increasing numbers of consumers towards illicit alcohol in a market where official volumes are down – yet prestige is making headway. Kevin Rozario asks how legitimate brands are handling the Russia conundrum. READ MORE>>>

City Attorney Mike Feuer announced Friday that his office secured more than $1 million in civil penalties and a 10-year injunction against a married couple accused of selling counterfeit detergent and soap and their alleged supplier. READ MORE>>>

Joint investigation with Cisco saw ‘hundreds of thousands of pounds’ of fake hardware obtained. READ MORE>>>

  • By , July 27, 2017, Forbes

In 1985, a single bottle of wine was sold for a record-breaking $157,000 at Christie’s in London. The purchaser was Christopher Forbes, who was bidding on behalf of his father Malcolm Forbes, the founder of this publication. The bottle was the so-called Thomas Jefferson bottle, a 1787 Lafite. It was thought to have the founding father’s initials ‘Th.J’ carved on to the amber green glass. Other circumstantial evidence had also suggested the third president of the United States was once the owner. READ MORE>>>

(CNN)The United States is warning travelers to Mexico about tainted or counterfeit alcohol following the death of a Wisconsin woman. READ MORE>>>

Power Rangers continues to impress in toy sales, and cases of counterfeit versions of them have been well documented. Few are as massive though as this latest batch caught by customs. READ MORE>>>

  • By Car and Bike Team, July 27, 2017, Car and Bike

Hero MotCorp has filed First Information Reports (FIRs) against several establishments and traders who were indulging in fake spare parts of Hero two-wheelers. READ MORE>>>

Kao USA has been warning consumers to be aware, because several of its lotions have been found as counterfeit products in look-a-like packaging in the Northeastern U.S. The counterfeit products are falsely labeled as Jergens Ultra Healing 10 oz. & 21 oz., and Jergens Original Scent 21oz. and Jergens Soothing Aloe 10 oz. & 21 oz. READ MORE>>>

Birkenstock is taking a last stand for brand control in the age of Amazon

  • By Marc Bain, July 26, 2017, Quartz

The German sandal brand, whose contoured, cork-cored footbeds have attracted generations of customers, has become maybe the biggest and loudest critic of the ecommerce steamroller. Last year, Birkenstock USA decided to pull all its products from Amazon, saying the large number of counterfeit Birkenstocks on the site were hurting its brand. Now David Kahan, CEO of Birkenstock USA, is attacking an Amazon program that involves the company buying products from third-party retailers at full price and reselling them itself, apparently with or without the consent of the brands whose products are involved. READ MORE>>>

On August 21st, a total solar eclipse will pass through the continental United States — traveling from the coasts of Oregon to South Carolina. It’s going to be an incredible sight, but the only way to watch it safely is to view the partially eclipsed Sun with special solar filter glasses that block out the majority of the Sun’s light. Only certain solar filter glasses sold online have been properly certified. READ MORE>>>

Protecting our shores from the constant threat of copyright infringement, U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s Office of Field Operations seized a shipment of counterfeit toys valued at $121,442 at a Charleston port. READ MORE>>>

A MAN has been prosecuted for selling counterfeit clothing, perfumes and aftershaves. READ MORE>>>

Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba has succeeded in its dispute with a Taobao merchant selling counterfeit cat food.READ MORE>>>

Some drivers look for parts from third-party suppliers instead of the manufacturer, and others may unknowingly purchase counterfeit parts that appear to be genuine. Either way, they could expose their cars’ engines to unnecessary risk. Low-quality counterfeit parts sometimes fail to function properly. A bogus oil filter, for example, might not trap metal particles. These particles would then be circulated throughout the engine, and cause accelerated wear and tear. READ MORE>>>

The Anti-Counterfeit Agency has destroyed fake goods worth Sh24 million. The goods, which included electronics, music equipment, phones, clothing, food stuff and industrial ball bearings and were burnt at EnviroSafe Limited in Export Processing Zone, Athi River on Friday.  READ MORE>>>

Over a half a million fake cigarettes have been taken off the streets of North East Lincolnshire over the last three years. READ MORE>>>

Canadian Alexandre Cazes was a hacker at age 14 with an IQ of 142, the founder of the 200,000-member illicit trading site AlphaBay, and a longtime resident of Thailand, the country he loved, before his arrest and suicide, police said on Monday. READ MORE>>>

  • By Sheryl Nance-Nash, July 23, 2017, NewsDay
 It’s like a dream come true, that Coach bag or Rolex watch being offered at an affordable price. Keep dreaming; walk away. READ MORE>>>

The Consumer Protection Department (CPD) at the Ministry of Economy and Commerce has caught 121 counterfeit fire extinguishers from a shop operating at Salwa area yesterday. READ MORE>>>

MONSEY, N.J. — An Italian national living in Monsey was sentenced Friday to 37 months in federal prison for smuggling counterfeit iPhones, camcorders and other electronics into the U.S. from China. READ MORE>>>

BRUSSELS, July 21, 2017 – New figures released by the European Commission show that customs authorities detained more than 41 million fake and counterfeit products at the EU’s external border in 2016. The goods had a total value of over €670 million. Everyday products which are potentially dangerous to health and safety – such as food and drink, medicines, toys and household electrical goods – accounted for over a third of all intercepted goods. READ MORE>>>

Counterfeit goods worth Sh24 million were destroyed in Athi River on Friday. READ MORE>>>

The number of counterfeit and undeclared articles held by the Maltese Customs rose by 107% in a year, a report published by the European Union has shown. READ MORE>>>

  • By Abel Muhatia, July 21, 2017, Alizila

The Anti-Counterfeit Agency plans to strengthen its market intelligence, boost internal capacity and enforcement role as it announced the extension of its strategic plan in the war against fake products. READ MORE>>>

Alibaba Wins Civil Suit to Protect Brand’s IP

  • By Christine Chou, July 21, 2017, Alizila

A pet-food vendor indicted for selling counterfeit cat food on Taobao, China’s largest online marketplace, was found guilty of defamation against Alibaba Group this week, the Chinese technology giant announced on Thursday. READ MORE>>>

Forever 21 is under fire for their use of stripes, and being sued by two separate parties over alleged copyright infringement. Both sportswear brand Adidas and high-fashion design house Gucci are claiming that the affordable retailer used geometric designs that they own the rights to. READ MORE>>>

Pictured: Inside the £45k fake vodka factory hidden in Aintree warehouse

  • By Staff Writer, July 20, 2017, ECHO

A fake vodka factory, producing potentially toxic alcohol, was found and dismantled in Aintree yesterday. . READ MORE>>>

An end to counterfeit foods, drinks and medicines

  • By FoodProcessing Staff, July 20, 2017, FoodProcessing

Every year, counterfeit and pirated goods globally cost nearly US$0.5 trillion in lost revenue. This isn’t small bikkies — and the food and beverage industry is far from immune. READ MORE>>>

A market trader found to be selling over 1,000 items of counterfeit clothing has been sentenced to 18 months in Prison. READ MORE>>>

Almost 30 per cent of online shoppers have been duped into buying fake makeup, skincare and medicine, potentially putting their health in jeopardy, a new report reveals. READ MORE>>>

ILLICIT trade in several pro­ducts is a multibillion-dollar ope­ration in Trinidad and Tobago, and is posing a risk to the country’s economy and the health of citizens. . READ MORE>>>

Scammers are cashing in on the popularity of AMD’s new Ryzen processors, with reports of fake CPUs being sold on Amazon. READ MORE>>>

Four men were arrested by members of Marshall Security for being in possession of an estimated R10 million in counterfeit goods in KwaZulu-Natal, Northglen News reports. READ MORE>>>

Customs director Jose Mafnas announced yesterday another significant increase in revenue collections and fiscal year improvements between 2016 and 2017 following upgrades to detection equipment and operations. READ MORE>>>

NEW YORK– Walmart has apologized for an offensive slur used by a third-party seller in a product listing on its website. READ MORE>>>

Abu Dhabi: The Department of Economic Development (DED) in Abu Dhabi has seized 6,230 counterfeit shoes, bags and other leather goods. READ MORE>>>

AMD’s new Ryzen processors offer quite a bit of bang for your buck, and have been a hot ticket item for the last few months. Unfortunately, scammers will find a way to take advantage people’s eagerness to get their hands on a product no matter what. Reports from at least two users have indicated that counterfeit AMD Ryzen processors are being sold by Amazon or Amazon retailers, and the processors customers are receiving aren’t even made by AMD at all. READ MORE>>>

The Department of Economic Development (DED) in Abu Dhabi has seized 6,230 fake and counterfeit shoes, bags and leather goods during a series of raids. READ MORE>>>
IBuilding an understanding and appreciation of trademarks across the corporate structure is a significant challenge for many corporate counsel. However, it isn’t an impossible mission and a number of this year’s WTR Awards winners have expanded on how the legal function in their organisation has been positioned as a meaningful business partner rather than remaining in a legal silo. READ MORE>>>
  • By Peter O’Dwyer, July 17, 2017, The Times
Illegal cigarettes cost the state more than €320 million in lost tax revenue last year, according to a new report. READ MORE>>>
Roshan Singh had 1,100 counterfeit items on his stall on the Eastgate Market at Sea Lane, Ingoldmells, when he was raided by trading standards officers.READ MORE>>>
HUNDREDS of counterfeit goods were seized in a trading standards blitz at a Walsall market.READ MORE>>>
The UAE’s Ministry of Health and Prevention has unveiled a new technology to detect counterfeit or low-quality drugs posing as great health threats to the community. As West Africa declares war on the market for expired and counterfeit medicines, start-ups are putting quality control in the hands of patients to stop them risking their lives trying to get well. READ MORE>>>
  • By Bernard Gutwa, July 16, 2017, KDRTV
As West Africa declares war on the market for expired and counterfeit medicines, start-ups are putting quality control in the hands of patients to stop them risking their lives trying to get well.. READ MORE>>>

More fake Avastin found, this time in Cyprus

Five years after falsified versions of Roche’s cancer drug Avastin first hit the headlines, fake packs are still being discovered in the supply chain. READ MORE>>>

Quantum technology helps prevent counterfeit electronics

Researchers have taken a major step in terms of preventing counterfeiting. This is through generating unique atomic-scale identifiers based on the irregularities found in 2-D materials such as graphene. READ MORE>>>

Let’s Play Spot The Fake MOSFET

  • By Brian Benchoff, July 15, 2017, Hackaday
Recently, the voice push to talk circuit in [Ryan]’s BITX40 radio was keyed down for a very long time. Blue smoke was released, a MOSFET was burnt out, and [Ryan] needed a new IRF510 N-channel MOSFET. Not a problem; this is a $1 in quantity one, but shipping from Mouser or Digikey will always kill you if you only buy one part at a time. Instead, [Ryan] found a supplier for five of these MOSFETs for $6 shipped. This was a good deal and a bad move because those new parts were fakes. Now we have an opportunity to play spot the fake MOSFET and learn that it’s all about the supply chain. READ MORE>>>

EU to crack down on terror art trafficking

The EU said Thursday it would cut off financing for terror groups from the lucrative trade in priceless cultural artefacts stolen in war zones such as Syria and Iraq by imposing tough import controls. READ MORE>>>

Resellers pounce on Supreme-Louis Vuitton collaboration

When streetwear brand Supreme unveiled its collection with Louis Vuitton last month, young people in London, Los Angeles and Tokyo camped overnight outside stores hoping to snap up the hoodies and T-shirts that had received a stamp of approval from the world’s largest luxury label. READ MORE>>>

Suspected counterfeit clothing worth thousands of pounds seized from vehicle on A19

Officers recovered around £5,000 worth of goods including T-shirts, trainers and tracksuits, when the vehicle was stopped near Crathorne, at around 2.20pm on Wednesday. READ MORE>>>

Health services warn over counterfeit cancer drug sold in the north

The warning concerns a variant of Bevacizumab 100mg/4ml drug produced by Swiss company F. Hoffman-La Roche Ltd, which is sold under the trade name Avastin. However Turkey and the north sell a counterfeit Avastin called Altuzan which reportedly contains no Bevacizumab, the active ingredient. READ MORE>>>

Counterfeit Harley-Davidson Merchandise Reportedly Seized from Motorcycle Rally Vendors

ERIE, Pa. –Counterfeit Harley-Davidson merchandise was seized Thursday from some Roar on the Shore vendors, owners of Harley-Davidson of Erie told Erie News Now in a statement. READ MORE>>>

Fake-fighting Sproxil expands into Mali

Social enterprise and brand protection tech firm Sproxil has opened an office in the African country of Mali in a bid to help fight counterfeits. READ MORE>>>

Expired and Fake Drugs Are a Huge Problem In West Africa, But This Senegalese Entrepreneur Has a Solution

With the circulation of expired and counterfeit drugs on the rise, countries in West Africa have taken strides to keep the dangerous meds off the market. A recently launched start-up is now looking to help the cause by putting control in the hands of patients to prevent them from risking their lives to stay well. READ MORE>>>

150,000 seized cigarettes and tonnes of alcohol to be turned into electricity

More than 152,000 cigarettes and tonnes of illegal alcohol seized during raids in Lincolnshire are being turned into electricity. READ MORE>>>

Lawmaker questions non-implementation of tax stamps on alcoholic beverages

MANILA, Philippines — Five years since Sin Tax Reform was passed into law, the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) is still not placing tax stamps on bottles of alcoholic beverages, as proof of tax compliance. READ MORE>>>

Fake auto parts and road safety

ANY legitimate car nut would tell us not to scrimp on automotive parts, especially counterfeit ones, since the “savings wouldn’t be worth the headache”. READ MORE>>>

Struggling shopkeeper sold fake and contraband cigarettes and tobacco, court hears

A STRUGGLING Swindon shopkeeper sold counterfeit and contraband cigarettes and tobacco in his shop in an effort to make ends meet, a court has heard. READ MORE>>>

New tax stamps for tobacco, alcohol due by October

THE Department of Finance (DoF) will roll out new tax stamps for tobacco and alcohol by October, in response to the proliferation of fakes used for tobacco products. READ MORE>>>

GAS Appliance Spares recommends genuine branded spare parts

  • By Staff Writer, July 11, 2017, HVP

GAS Appliance Spares is urging customers to buy reputable branded spare parts rather than cheap imitations to ensure they meet safety standards and legislation. READ MORE>>>

Belarus, China team up against international trade in counterfeit goods

MINSK, 11 July (BelTA) – Belarus and China will cooperate in tackling the international trade in counterfeit goods, BelTA learned from the Belarusian State Customs Committee following the meeting with a delegation of the Office of the National Leading Group for Combating IPR Infringement and Counterfeiting at China’s Commerce Ministry. READ MORE>>>

BIR mulls CCTV cameras for cigar firms to monitor fake tax stamps

The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) would release new cigarette tax stamps and install closed circuit television (CCTV) monitoring system at cigarette manufacturing firms to prevent the proliferation of fake tax stamps, Finance Secretary Sonny Dominguez said on Tuesday. READ MORE>>>

Comment: Amazon, brands & the war on counterfeits – a guide to protecting your rights

Given its extensive media coverage, few of you will have let the third annual Amazon Prime Day pass you by unnoticed. However, Amazon’s success is down to more than just flash sales and impressive marketing campaigns. From its early days as an online bookstore, Amazon’s quick reaction to market trends and has allowed it to grow at a rapid rate into a global eCommerce leader, with an impressive service offering  including Amazon Prime, Prime Now, Amazon Fresh and Fulfilled by Amazon. READ MORE>>>

Serialisation security doubts: “If I was a counterfeiter, I would make drugs in Italy or Greece”

  • By Flora Southey, July 11, 2017, iPT
A directive granting Belgium, Greece and Italy a six-year reprieve in serialisation adoption has raised concerns delayed implementation could be an opportunity for drug counterfeiters. READ MORE>>>

Refrigerant black market in Middle East is a concern, expert says

Stuart Corr, techno commercial director of refrigerants manufacturer and supplier, Mexichem, says that the refrigerant black market in the Middle East is a major concern for the industry. READ MORE>>>

Nearly 20 tonnes of fake mosquito coils seized

Authorities in Tboung Khmum province arrested a woman and seized nearly 20 tonnes of counterfeit mosquito coils and sticks on Friday, police said yesterday. READ MORE>>>

Fraudsters spared jail over counterfeit goods

Five fraudsters who admitted selling counterfeit handbags and purses have been spared jail. Thurrock Council’s Trading Standards team carried out a four-year investigation into people suspected of importing, manufacturing, distributing and selling counterfeit handbags, purses, clothing and perfume. READ MORE>>>

Elemental composition of whisky could unmask counterfeits

Whisky is a big British export – the industry directly employs 10,000 people in the UK – with almost 40 bottles shipped every second. Such a big business attracts scammers, who try to sell cheaper, counterfeit whisky. But chemists can now spot counterfeits with just a few microlitres of the Scotch. READ MORE>>>

Trilogy sets up e-commerce retail space on Alibaba’s T-mall

Skin care company Trilogy has become one of the latest to set up a cross border ecommerce flagship store on Alibaba’s T-Mall platform. READ MORE>>>

The DSCSA Delay: What it Means to Manufacturers

The FDA’s recent draft guidance document pushes back enforcement for the Drug Supply Chain Security Act’s product identifier deadline. But experts warn that nothing has really changed. Here’s what pharma companies need to know. READ MORE>>>

Kenya: 8% of Medicines Enter Kenya Unlawfully, Study Shows

Nairobi — The umbrella pharmaceutical association in Kenya has called for stricter market regulation to curb trade in unregulated medicines. READ MORE>>>

Moët Hennessy trademark infringement case fights against counterfeiting

LVMH’s wine and spirits branch Moët Hennessy took a major step forward in its fight against counterfeiting and protecting consumers with its recent court case win. READ MORE>>>

Senators search for solutions to counterfeit Indian art

SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) – Efforts to prevent the sale of counterfeit tribal art and jewelry will be the focus of testimony as two U.S. senators hold a field hearing in New Mexico about protecting legitimate American Indian artists and markets from fraudulent goods. READ MORE>>>

Nigerian authorities clamp down on fake printing supplies

Nigerian Police and state security officers have moved to find and seize counterfeit printing supplies specifically targeted at HP Printers around the country. READ MORE>>>

High taxes give criminals upper hand – Int’l expert

Director of Crime Stoppers International Dave Cording is warning the Jamaican Government that it should carefully consider not raising taxes too much as that would only make the illicit trading of goods more lucrative for organised gangs.READ MORE>>>

Dark web drug marketplace goes offline, sparks fears of multi-million Bitcoin heist [Update]

It appears the largest dark web drug and counterfeit marketplace might be pulling off a Houdini. Numerous users on Reddit and Twitter are speculating that AlphaBay Market – often dubbed as the new Silk Road – has executed an elaborate exit scheme. READ MORE>>>

Counterfeit cigarettes haul across the county almost topped 200,000

  • By Staff Writer, July 5, 2017, The Vistor-UK
Almost 200,000 ‘illicit’ cigarettes were seized by Trading Standards officers across Lancashire last year, almost five times the number confiscated six years ago.READ MORE>>>

Counterfeit Products Become Bigger Issue for Walmart

In a report earlier Wednesday morning, we noted the gain that Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (NYSE: WMT) has made recently in attracting third-party sellers to its online marketplace. But with that success has come a problem that other online retailers like Amazon.com Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) and eBay Inc. (NASDAQ: EBAY) also face: the sale of counterfeit products.READ MORE>>>

Counterfeit merchandise seized at Liberty festival

  • By Staff Writer, July 5, 2017, WRBI40
Liberty,Ind. — Indiana State Excise officers confiscated hundreds of counterfeit items from a booth at the Fourth of July festival in Liberty Saturday afternoon.READ MORE>>>

Thousands of bottles of ‘fake’ perfume seized from Facebook sellers home

Lincolnshire Trading Standards and Lincolnshire Police joined forces to act on intelligence and raid the home address where the fake perfume seized included counterfeit versions of Chanel, Dior, YSL, Hugo Boss and Giorgio Armani.READ MORE>>>

Warning over fake perfume seized in Peterborough

Peterborough City Council’s trading standards team seized over 400 perfumes from the Wellington Street car boot sale as part of a recent joint operation with brand representatives. READ MORE>>>

Rong Kluea market vendors face ruin

  • By Ven Rathavong and Ros Chanveasna, July 4, 2017, KHMER Times

More than a year after the enforcement of tough intellectual property laws in Thailand, the majority of Cambodian vendors at Thailand’s Rong Kluea market are on the verge of giving up selling counterfeit products. READ MORE>>>

African Lawyers Seek Tougher Penalties Against Fake Drug Imports

  • By Staff Writer, July 4, 2017, VOA News

Lawyers from around Africa gathered in Cameroon this week to call for tougher legislation against counterfeit medicine.READ MORE>>>

1 In Every 7 British Cigarettes Are Contraband or Counterfeit

You may not realise it when you crack open your fresh pack of Marlboro Golds on a night out, but they may not be made by Marlboro at all. Meet “Buttlegging”, as the illegal trade of cigarettes has been punnily nicknamed (bootlegging and cigarette butt’s baby). Worryingly, a new report has found that 1 in every 7 cigarettes smoked in Britain is either counterfeit or smuggled in from abroad. This works out as a whopping 5.5 billion illicit cigarettes smoked by Brits last year alone.READ MORE>>>

What is parallel market in Nigeria?

What is parallel market? Have you ever heard of the term? Do want to know how this kind of market works? We will give you the answers to these questions and more! Find out what parallel market is, why it emerges and how it is works in Nigeria.READ MORE>>>

US woman charged with smuggling counterfeit anti-inflammatory drugs

A Houston woman was brought to court on Wednesday, June 28, for smuggling counterfeit drugs into the US. READ MORE>>>

“Operation Wafers”: over one million counterfeit semiconductors seized, reports ESIA

The European Semiconductor Industry Association (ESIA) revealed that under a European-wide Joint Customs Operation (JCO) code-named “Operation Wafers, more than one million counterfeit semiconductor devices were seized within a two-week operational phase. READ MORE>>>

Authorities seize counterfeit SKF bearings in Sabah

PETALING JAYA: SKF recently supported Malaysian authorities in a raid against a company trading counterfeit bearings in Sabah. READ MORE>>>

Over half a million counterfeit Pokémon plushies confiscated in South Korea

A South Korean sting operation has ended with roughly 530k counterfeit Pokémon plushies seized by police. READ MORE>>>

Inspection raids

The Ministry of Commerce and Investment has been conducting intensive campaigns to control commercial fraud and remove counterfeit goods in local markets. We see the frequent reports of the ministry about its achievements and viral videos that expose the exploitation and manipulation by a large number of traders who import expired or counterfeit products from abroad. With these campaigns some shops have closed their shops for fear of sanctions, confiscation of goods and arrest of illegal workers. READ MORE>>>

The new VAT may make a fortune for criminals

Pressure will be on the UAE and the other GCC countries to make sure they do everything they can to stop smugglers from taking advantage of a changing market. READ MORE>>>

VW’s French division reported counterfeit delivery numbers since 2010

  • By Aditya Jadhav, July 2, 2017, Carwale

Volkswagen‘s French division reported imprecise delivery figures to their German headquarters since 2010. Der Spiegel said that the reports were deliberately misled to make its performance look better, citing a report by the carmaker’s internal auditors. READ MORE>>>

Differences between original, fake perfumes

KUWAIT CITY, July 1: Many citizens and residents, especially women, are increasingly eager to buy perfumes during holidays and special occasions. However, some may be subjected to commercial fraud or counterfeiting. READ MORE>>>

UAE ministry unveils new machine to detect counterfeit drugs

Dubai: A new state-of-the-art machine unveiled by the Ministry of Health and Prevention will help bring down usage of counterfeit drugs in the country, a senior official said on Saturday. READ MORE>>>